What I really do

Just in case you don’t know what I used to do.

I always give back the love I have been shown everywhere I  go to the very people who shown it.♥

that what I do!!

try to show love the very least you can♥


Symphonic Love

I want to feel every kiss and every your touch all over my body … In me …
I want to love you like you shall this day be the last …
Hungry for love, lovers …

— Loneliness —

We search our whole lives for people to fill that empty space. The one by our side. The extra pillow on your bed. The passenger listening to your songs. The friend who stays up later than you do. We’re all insomniacs in some way. It’s hard to sleep when the cost is having a nightmare. It’s hard to not feel alone when no one’s hitting up your phone. It’s hard to feel something when you’ve been drained. Love is a cheap trick the heart does to remind itself that it must beat for two. I won’t trick you. It’s going to be difficult. Maybe you’re getting over someone. Maybe you’re getting over yourself. Maybe you’re just flat-lining that smile again. Maybe somewhere out there, someone’s looking up into the sky wishing they were right next to you. Your hands reach for your shadow, soft company– but it’s still your own. It’s different with someone else around. Best friends have a tendency to become lovers. Lovers have a knack for leaving. Friends have a high statistic of becoming both. You’re left to your own tricks. You need to believe that you’ll be okay. The phone may ring one day, maybe it’s them. Maybe it’s just another person we’ll never meet. Sometimes we feel like the moon, we’re always questioning the howling. Sometimes we feel like the sun, if it’s this bright out here– who is going to notice me? Maybe you really do feel alone, but someone out there feels just like you. We’re all stars waiting to burn out. We’re all bridges waiting to burn. I’m just another writer jotting down words that need to mean something. I guess one day, we’ll try to be more than fine. One thing at a time, we feel things too much. It’s our hearts way to remind us that it’s okay to be this numb. Even the brightest stars in the sky feel lonely, it just needs to find the right person to shine for. Darling, it’s okay to feel this way. It’s just another means to feel everything. We need to feel okay, even if it’s really not.you may wonder why loneliness knew  your name at the  very first place.

Dear someone who have seen my bae,tell me Where is She?

I have spent many years under the gun And finally those days are passed I can get out of myself and enjoy the sun I like to fish and catch some bass But I have nobody to do this with Sometimes I believe love is just a myth Though I have a huge heart I have no clue how to get it started Where and how does a good man meet a woman A woman that knows how to love and cherish me And not want to spend our day’s drinking I know I spend way too much time thinking Where could this beautiful woman be?. where could she be? And now she is gone i really want her back since autumn is around the corner i truly want her back home,the home her heart belongs because it gonna be  so cold without her since am all alone.

If in any way you see my woman or if you ever got the chance  to sit down to talk to her please!!! tell her i miss her so much and i can live the day without her.i need her so much than the life i live, her love has entangled my heart so much in such a way i can get back to the man i used to be.

Tell her once again i really want and need her in my life.let her know she all i got so she should come back home to keep me safe and warm cos it so cold and i cant live without her. Let her know if there is anything even if she ask me to go rock climbing to prove my love to her tell her  she know i would’ve died trying cos  i got everything to lose.i will sure do it just to prove my love to her.

It so cold and am alone i need her to come and keep me warm.

Please someone who have seen my bae kindly tell her i missed,i need her and i want her.She’s all i need my world,indeed everything i got to do.Tell her bout it.